Technical Specifications

Model Name: Mini
Model Number: Mini-V1
Operating Voltage and Current: 110-260VAC, 1.5A
Weight: 455 gr
Dimensions (Width x Length x Depth): 278mm x 82mm x 48mm

In the Mini control board, the power supply and the control card come together in a box. Thanks to its special algorithm, it provides ease of use to customers. By detecting the length, weight, and height of the door, it automatically adjusts the ramp areas, opening and closing speed.

  1. Internal photocell sensor
  2. Automatic recognition of internal photocell sensor
  3. External photocell sensor input
  4. Internal motion sensor, External motion sensor, Battery
  5. It automatically adjusts the opening and closing ramps.
  6. It automatically adjusts the opening and closing speed of the door according to the width, height, and weight of the door (Optionally, it can be changed with the position switch and potentiometer on the card).
  7. It provides safety with prevention scenario during opening and closing operation.

Areas of Usage:

  • Full-Glass Automatic Sliding Door Systems
  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Telescopic Sliding Doors

Turkish User Manual
English User Manual

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